How to paint graffiti mural on a wall


A mural of a woman sitting in a chair in a field, painted in the style of the Italian landscape painter Francesco Gagliano, was removed in a ceremony held on Monday, November 2, 2017.

It was the work of graffiti artist Removable Walls, whose graffiti wall art has made the streets of the city of Rome one of the most famous in the world.

The painting was originally placed on the wall of a bar and restaurant in the town of Bari.

It is known as a graffiti mural, which means “paintings without borders”.

The artist who commissioned the mural has not been named.

“It was very much an act of resistance,” Francesco Gambino, the artist’s partner and a member of the graffiti group, told Al Jazeera.

“I was asked to remove the mural, I couldn’t do it, but I took my decision because I wanted to show that it’s possible to remove something without a single act of violence.

I’m not proud of what happened, but it is a part of my history.”‘

I was a victim’The mural is the work a small group of graffiti artists in Bari, in northern Italy, have been doing since November 2016.

“I was born in a war zone, I was a refugee in Europe,” Gambino said.

“In a warzone, there is no freedom, and there is violence, and that’s why we wanted to create something that is representative of the community, but also symbolic of our history.”

Gaglio painted the mural in the early 20th century.

It featured a young woman, the only female in the painting, standing in a small field.

“There is no other female character on the mural,” Gambinos partner, Francesco Bizzi, said.

“This is a woman who is part of our story.

It’s a way of connecting with people and making a difference in their lives.”

The mural was removed, along with the other pieces of graffiti art that Gambino and Bizzis group has done in Baris streets in recent years.

“The idea of painting graffiti on a street is a very old one,” Gambini said.

“The graffiti art has always been about showing that people have the power to paint, and not to give in to a police state, which has always ruled the streets.

It doesn’t have to be in a way that has been created for the sake of it.”

Gadino said he felt his group’s mural had been “discredited”, and it was “very sad” that the painting was removed.

“In the first place, this is a mural that I’m proud of, that I’ve worked on since 2015,” Gambillo said.”[The painting] is symbolic of the struggle we have been fighting for and the way we live our lives.”‘

It’s about the power’Gaglia, who has been a graffiti artist since the early 1990s, is an internationally recognised authority on graffiti.

“There is an important distinction between the graffiti art of the past and the graffiti artists today,” he said.

Gagliiano was born to a Roma family in 1920 and grew up in the Italian countryside.

He came to Italy in 1957 and was deported to the Sicilian city of Naples in 1963.

“As an artist, he understood that there is a different way of doing things and that the power of the artist is more powerful than that of the police,” said Francesco Lombardi, professor of art history at the University of Genoa.

Gagna’s art became an international sensation, and in 2014, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for his work, and has been named an international graffiti artist of the year four times.

The mural has become a symbol of defiance and resistance in the country.

“This is the place where I’m living,” Gambi said.

“”We are living in a different country, but there is also a struggle here.

We are resisting the dictatorship, the fascism and the police.

“The art has also been used by a group of street artists, known as the Street Gang, in Baroque-era Italy.”

We are a street gang and we are making a statement,” Gambilli said.

In 2017, he took part in a demonstration outside the government headquarters in Rome, where a mural of the late dictator Benito Mussolini was also removed.

In Rome, Gambino has also taken part in graffiti exhibitions.

He said he was shocked by the removal of the mural.”

How can it be that there are no other graffiti artists around?” he said, adding that the government was “stupid to let this happen”.”

I have to say I am proud of the fact that there have been other graffiti in Rome and I don’t think we can be complacent,” Gambigliano said.

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