John Lewis and the mural at the edge of the ocean


John Lewsis’ iconic painting, Ocean Man, was recently restored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Lewsi’s masterpiece, which depicts a young man on a beach in a white-and-blue striped shirt, was painted over and removed in 1989.

The restoration process, led by NOAA’s National Oceanography Center in Boulder, Colorado, took over two years and cost the artist more than $500,000.

“It’s like having a dream,” said Lewssis, who also wrote and produced the Oscar-winning documentary, The Great Wave.

“I’m in awe of the beauty of the world, and this is a picture of it.”

The painting, which was commissioned by the US Coast Guard, was removed from the ocean floor by a crew of NOAA scientists and scientists from the NOAA Marine Mammal Center at the University of Rhode Island in 2017.

The painting was painted on a sandstone cliffside, and was removed during a routine cleaning on the cliffs of the New York City borough of Brooklyn.

The artist’s original intention was to restore the painting to its original state.

“The ocean was a big part of my childhood, so I wanted to restore this place and to restore that place,” Lews, 82, told ABC News.

“You can see how it has been altered by the changing climate.

It’s a beautiful piece of art.”

In the new work, the artist used three different types of chemicals to restore Lews’s masterpiece to its former glory.

The paint was first sprayed with hydrochloric acid and then sprayed with water.

Then, the chemicals were mixed with lime to form a mixture that created a protective barrier against water.

The result was an image of a white ocean.

A second method was to add a thin layer of cement on top of the white, protecting the original painting.

The third method was for the paint to be poured into a tank, where it would soak and restore itself.

The original painting, from 1949, is on display at the NOAA museum in Washington, DC, where the artist was born.

It is estimated that more than 6 million people have seen the work, which has been featured in over 100 museums.

Lews was commissioned to paint the painting in 1949, according to the Smithsonian Institution.

He was later commissioned to create a large scale portrait of himself, with a similar image of himself in the background.

The mural was originally a single panel, which would have been washed away by the storm and washed away.

In 2009, Lews said, he was unable to keep the mural on the wall because of the storm.

“If I couldn’t fix it, I wouldn’t have made it,” he told

Lewiss told ABC that he was grateful to the ocean, and the ocean is a part of who he is.

“What’s the point of having a painting if you can’t see it?” he said.

“In my life, I’ve seen it, so it’s a part.”

In addition to the restoration work, NOAA’s scientists have spent thousands of hours over the past two years painting a permanent seal to mark the location of the painting.

john lewis mural ocean mural

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