‘We are Palestinians’: The Palestinians and the ‘Palestinian’


The term “Palestinian” is used in different contexts, and it can be interpreted in different ways.

It can be used as an adjective or a noun.

And it has many different meanings, depending on where you are.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) government defines the term as “a national group or people who are a part of the Jewish people of Israel”.

The term “Palestinians” is often used as a synonym for “Israel”.

The Israeli government defines Palestinians as those who are “a member of the Palestinian national movement, who were born in Israel and have a national or ethnic identity”.

It is also used as the name for a separate, but overlapping, Palestinian people: the “State of Palestine”.

In other words, the term “Israel” is a term for a people who share the same religion and language as Israel.

And “Palestinos” is an adjective, a noun, a synonymy for “Palestinian”.

It can also be used in a neutral or negative context.

In this context, “Palestinas” is the only correct word for “Palestino”.

This is the context where the Palestinian movement and the Palestinian people came together.

This is also the context in which Palestinian leaders have made clear that the Palestinians’ right to self-determination is a matter of self-definition, not of religion.

This is also why it is important to distinguish between “Palestins” and “Palestinis”.

If you look at the terms “Palestinaire” and a “Palestini” in the same sentence, it is clear that they are the same person.

This fact is why “Palesti-ism” has become the most important slogan of the current wave of anti-Israel protests.

The slogan of “Palestine” is, of course, an oxymoron.

The Palestinians have no state or government.

The Palestinian identity is a national identity.

So what does “Palestinianism” stand for?

In this article, I am going to look at four distinct aspects of Palestinian identity.

The first one is the Palestinians who have been denied the right to vote.

In Israeli law, people with a Palestinian identity are called “minorities” and must therefore vote for any party that they identify with.

This has happened for decades.

The law is not used in the West Bank, but it is very often used in Gaza, where Palestinians live.

A Palestinian who has been denied voting rights has been referred to as “non-resident”, a term that is used to differentiate them from other Palestinians.

If they cannot get a Palestinian ID card, they can get a “foreign passport”.

In recent years, Palestinians have been able to obtain “Israeli” passports, but they have to obtain them at the Israeli embassy, where they will be referred to by the Israeli government.

They can also get Israeli passports through the Israeli army, but that is another matter.

In recent years Palestinians have also been allowed to buy and sell goods from Israeli shops, but only in areas controlled by the PA.

They cannot buy in stores that are not “Israeli”.

In the past, this was a loophole that allowed Palestinians to buy goods that are illegal in the territories under the “Palestinian” name.

It was only after the 2014 wave of protests that the PA announced it would start cracking down on this loophole.

These restrictions have also affected the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

The PA does not allow Palestinians to live in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, which is the site of the Temple Mount.

The Al-Alam Mosque compound is the second-holiest site in Islam and is a sacred place for Muslims.

If you are a Palestinian, and you decide to live here, you will have to wear a scarf around your neck, and must pray five times a day.

You will also have to pray at a separate mosque located inside the Al Haram Al Sharif compound, just like you would in Israel.

This will make it impossible for you to worship at the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

And since you cannot visit Al-Majdalah (the Temple Mount), you cannot pray there either.

In addition, the PA restricts Palestinians from entering the Old City of Jerusalem.

It is in this area that the Dome of the Rock is located, which Jews regard as the holiest place on earth.

And the Dome has been the site where the Dome Of the Rock was built.

So in the Old city, Palestinians are also forbidden from praying, and they cannot even visit the Temple, which the Jewish religion has revered for thousands of years.

According to the PA, these restrictions are to prevent “terrorist activities” by the “terrorist groups” such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, but in reality they are meant to stop Palestinians from living in the areas under their control from doing so.

It has also been used to prevent Palestinians from taking part in

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