Obama: We’re ‘just the beginning’ on new mural program


President Barack Obama on Wednesday called for a new mural tool to create more dynamic and expressive murals for cities and towns across the country, saying the U.S. could take the lead on the task if it doesn’t want to be the last to adopt it.

Obama’s administration is considering a new program to help cities and communities improve their public art, according to a report by The Hill.

While the president has pledged to work with Congress on such a tool, his administration has not formally outlined how it will work, or what funding it will seek from the federal government.

The program could help spur collaboration among the cities and counties, Obama said during a speech at the American Institute of Architects’ annual meeting in Washington.

“We’ve been talking to all these mayors and towns about what kind of things we can do and what kinds of things they can do, and we need to be sure that they’re willing to work together,” Obama said.

“And I think the idea of bringing people together is something we can certainly take part in.”

Obama said the government should also be open to helping cities and municipalities get creative with murals on the national level, but he said it would be up to them to figure out how to best do that.

“The idea is to create something that is new, and creative, and meaningful, but at the same time that it doesn`t overwhelm and overwhelm people,” Obama told a group of architecture students.

“It`s an opportunity for them to do things they would never do, but to be able to put their own personal spin on them.”

The president made a similar call for cities to adopt public art as a means to boost their economies and jobs during a visit to an urban redevelopment site in Washington last year.

The president, who visited the site last week, said the new project will not only help to revitalize neighborhoods but also encourage communities to embrace new kinds of public art.

The administration’s proposal calls for the creation of a “high-performance mural” program that would allow cities to submit designs for public murals in an attempt to attract the attention of businesses and businesses seeking public artwork.

The government would pay $200 million to $400 million to local communities that want to submit murals.

If approved, the new program could cost the federal treasury $20 billion to $25 billion, according the Hill.

Obama also made the case that if public art isn’t good enough for business, it shouldn’t be good enough to be a national treasure.

“It`ll never be good for a city if it isn`t good enough,” Obama warned.

“If it`s not good enough, then a lot of the people who want to live there won`t come to visit.”

The administration has also discussed the creation and use of a national monument, according a report from Politico.

The president said that while he would “not be willing to go down that road,” he would be open for it.

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