Tile murals with a story behind them, says architect


Wall murals are a common form of public art in Australia, with the number of murals in Australia growing from around 300,000 in 2011 to more than 4 million today.

While it’s not easy to create a mural with a narrative, it’s important to start with a basic premise.

Wall murals aim to show a message that’s important for the viewer, whether it’s a story or a concept.

“We want to show that we can do something positive,” explains Tim Fagan, a Melbourne-based architect who specializes in urban architecture.

“[We can] take something that’s sad, ugly or even disgusting and make it beautiful and uplifting and just really make it something that we all can relate to.”

Fagan, who has been working with artists and artists groups to create mural art in Melbourne’s CBD, says it’s been a busy year for mural artists.

Since August, he’s been working on a mural for the Melbourne Olympic Games, which will include a mural of athletes competing in the Olympic Torch Relay.

“We’re working with people in the Olympics as well, which is great, and we’re also going to be doing an Olympic mural,” he said.

“That’s coming up next week, we’re in Melbourne and it’s going to take us six weeks.”

The mural for Olympic Torch relay mural.

While the Olympic murals have been the focus of much discussion, the Melbourne mural is more than just a piece of art.

Ferguson says it was a difficult decision to choose a piece to depict a tragedy in a world where people are dying from heart disease and other causes.

The artist, who is also the artist behind a number of other murals around Melbourne, says the mural reflects a theme of mourning.

“It’s something that really resonates with me, and it was very much a difficult one,” he told News24.

“The theme of a loss, it was one that really came through.

There’s a sense of sadness and pain, but it’s also something that I find very moving.”

The mural was created in collaboration with the local art group and the local community.

It features the message, ‘A broken heart is like a broken heart’: ‘A wall mural of a wall, with a broken back.’

Ferguson also says he’s always found the idea of a mural to be incredibly important, as a way of communicating something positive about the city.

“When we’re doing murals it’s really important to try and convey something that the city’s going through, or the community is going through,” he explained.

“Because it doesn’t have to be a big mural.

I think that’s the thing that makes the difference.”

The wall mural, which features a message from a man in the background, is about a young woman in her late 20s, who was killed by an aggressive dog.

She was walking to a friend’s house when the dog attacked her.

This is the scene where the wall mural appears.

An artist’s impression of a dog biting a young girl.

Tim Fagan explains the importance of creating murals that reflect the community around them.


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