Canadian artist uses ‘punching bag’ to remove artwork from wall mural


Artist David MacNamara has created a mural of three young girls using a “punch bag” to remove a large mural of a large man.

MacNamara says he used the “pouche” as a means to “remodel” the mural in order to create an interactive space where the artists can “feel free to be creative, to be playful and to make it a space that they can enjoy for themselves and not feel forced to stay there for long periods of time.”

“It’s about creating a space where you can just come and have a bit of fun,” MacNara said in an interview with CBC News.

The three girls, all in their 20s, are dressed in traditional garb, and are using the bag as a tool for “pushing away” the wall mural.

“I think that’s a good thing to be able to do and have fun doing,” MacNeasaid.

“It gives them an opportunity to express themselves without having to be in a group.”

“The point of the bag is to allow them to be more interactive and make a statement that they’re different than other people and to say, ‘Hey, we’re not here for you.'”

The artist says he had previously used a tool called the “squash hammer,” but that was a bit “a little bit old-fashioned” because the tools were used in other places.

The girls’ “squashing” technique allows them to punch out an object, then slide it under the wall, which is then “pulled up” and removed.

The “pugilist” is then responsible for removing the remaining wall, and the three young women use a “hammer” to “paint” the “hole” where the original wall once stood.

The trio of girls, who MacNamsays were all in high school and his parents say were all pretty young, said they were all “so happy” with the result.

“They love art,” MacNeil said.

“They love to do it, they love to see it, and they love the process of it.”

“So we wanted to show them that we care, and we’re trying to do something for them and help them be more creative.”

MacNamsay has created several other projects over the past few years.

He has created murals for several locations across Vancouver and has created works for the city’s National Gallery of Canada.

He is also a freelance artist.

MacNeil said he wanted to start a project for the National Gallery after seeing the work of Canadian artist Sarah Mowat and her children, who use “pigpen” and “pong” tools to create “bongos” in a “stunt mode.”

“We want to get the kids involved and show them something new and create something they can relate to,” MacNeal said.

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