Why the best photos of the Space Station are so often the weirdest space photos


The best photos you can take of the International Space Station can sometimes be the most weird, too.

Here’s how to find them.


The weirdest photo is of a woman in a space suit and a human arm.

Here, a NASA astronaut holds up a small robot arm.


The space station looks like it was created in a dream.

The picture was taken by a NASA video crew during the mission of the Hubble Space Telescope, in which the space station’s two largest science instruments were built.

This is an image of a space shuttle landing on the ground.

NASA / Via NASA / Getty Images 3.

The strangest photo looks like the head of a frog.

This picture was shot by NASA astronauts during the Expedition 33 mission, in support of the agency’s ambitious Human Exploration and Operations Mission-1 mission to Mars.

This photo is from NASA’s Hubble Space Vision, a series of images of Earth taken from space.

NASA/via NASA / Flickr 4.

A woman with her arms outstretched and a baby on her head.

This was taken during the first Space Shuttle mission in 1983.

NASA is known for using images from the Hubble telescope as a way to create stunning imagery.

NASA says this image is a composite of images taken during Hubble’s primary mission.

NASA image / via NASA / Wikimedia Commons 5.

This woman is holding a baby with a telescope.

NASA has taken some pretty cool shots of astronauts during space missions.

Here she is holding her infant daughter in her arms during the Space Shuttle Endeavour mission in 2005.

NASA Image / via Wikipedia 6.

A couple on a train.

NASA’s Orion spacecraft is equipped with the longest range camera ever made.

This image is taken from NASA/ESA Hubble Space Science Center.

NASA images / via Wikimedia Commons 7.

A man wearing a spacesuit.

This photograph was taken on July 8, 2005, by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

The photo is part of a mosaic of images from Cassini taken on August 11, 2005.

Cassini / Via Flickr 8.

This man is holding an antenna.

NASA sent two astronauts on the first space mission, Expedition 21, in 2001.

This particular photo was taken while they were aboard the Hubble space telescope.

The NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis (NCC-1701-B) spacecraft is a space capsule designed to take astronauts to Mars and return them safely to Earth.

NASA photo / via Flickr 9.

A little girl with a robot arm on her face.

This shot is from a NASA spacecraft called the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LROC) in 2004.

The LROC is NASA’s most powerful and most expensive spacecraft.

NASA photos / via wikipedia 10.

This guy is wearing a space helmet.

NASA made some of the most stunning photos of Earth ever taken.

Here a NASA crew member holds up an Apollo 11 moon landing module.

NASA Spacecraft / Via Wikipedia 11.

A family on the deck of a NASA space station.

NASA uses high definition images of the space stations exterior to bring you the most accurate pictures of Earth.

This astronaut, whose face is obscured, is looking at the Earth from space as he rides on the International Lunar Recce.

NASA Photo / via SpaceFlightNow 12.

This family is sitting on a giant robot arm that looks like a frog on a bed.

NASA wants you to think this photo was captured by NASA employees while they slept on the ISS.

NASA Images / via Reddit / Flickr 13.

This little girl is holding the robotic arm in her hands.

This NASA astronaut has been working on his new job as an astronaut aboard the International Rocket Vehicle (IRV) in the International Spaceport in Kazakhstan since June 2017.

This ISV is an unmanned rocket that can send astronauts to low-Earth orbit, where they can dock with spacecraft on the other side of the planet.

NASA doesn’t show the exact location of the robotic arms but they are located in Kazakhstan.

NASA, via Wikimedia / via Mars Odyssey / Wikimedia 14.

This tiny little girl has a robot leg in her mouth.

This small robot leg was used to hold a small robotic arm on a small table while NASA astronauts were sleeping on the moon.

NASA was using the photo to help educate people about the importance of being safe while working in space.

This robot leg is used for educational purposes.

NASA NASA / via Facebook 15.

This baby is being held by a robot.

NASA astronauts have been wearing these robots for some time, but this baby is the first time that a baby has been held by one.

NASA scientists / Via Wikimedia 16.

This robotic arm looks like an antenna, with a piece of equipment that connects it to a computer.

NASA Scientists / Via Reddit /Flickr 17.

This child is holding his face in his arms.

NASA engineers / Via Wiki Commons 18.

This girl is rocking a robot head.

NASA officials / Via Facebook / Flickr 19.

This young girl is smiling with a smile on her mouth, like the faces of people she’s known on Earth

space mural

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