How to fix a ‘japanese’ mural that’s in your yard


A mural painted in Japanese that was left hanging in your front yard has been causing a stir in Japan.

The mural is painted in the style of a samurai warrior, a Japanese military tradition that dates back thousands of years.

The artwork, called the “Shisho-Kokoro” mural, depicts a samurai standing on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

It was left on the side of the house that was previously a car dealership.

The owners of the car dealership, the Kokoro family, said they wanted to preserve the legacy of their family and the Kokoros in their community.

The family said the mural is a tribute to their ancestors and the many generations that came before them.

They have also been selling their cars to raise funds for the Kokori foundation, which helps promote Japanese culture in the country.

The Japanese military is known for its military traditions and military-style uniforms, and the painting was made by artist Yoshikazu Sasaki.

He said he started the project in 2006 after seeing a painting by a Japanese artist called Shinji Kato, which he had not seen.

Sasaki said he was inspired to paint the Kokoru mural after seeing the photo of the painting that the family had put up in their front yard.

He was inspired by the Japanese warrior style and said he wanted to do something unique and unique in his home.

Sasakawa says he wanted something that would stand out from the others in the neighborhood, and he was able to find someone who was willing to take a chance on it.

The painting is made out of concrete and is painted on a white background with a large “K” representing a sword.

He says the original artwork that he took a picture of was about 20 years old.

Sasakura says the Kokoreas originally had the painting put up at their house on April 4, 2008, to honor the anniversary of the end of World War II, when Japanese soldiers liberated the Japanese home islands.

“This time, I wanted to honor that anniversary,” Sasakura said.

“We are in a time when we are going through a very important time, so I thought it would be fun to paint this on a wall.”

Sasaki says he painted the Kokorie mural in the form of a Samurai warrior.

He explained that he had been thinking about the history of the Kokoris since he was a kid and was looking for a way to honor their ancestors.

“I was thinking of all the samurai warriors that came to Japan, and what they fought for and how they died,” Sasaki told ABC News.

“So I wanted it to have a samurai style to it.”

The painting was painted on April 8, 2009, and a few days later, the family went to the local museum to display the painting.

They also took the painting to the Japanese ambassador to Japan to see if he could help.

“As soon as I went to see the ambassador, he said he would like to paint it,” Sasakara said.

Sasaky said that he received no reaction from the Japanese government.

But he said the ambassador did send him a letter, which the family sent to the president of Japan, Hirofumi Inoue.

“He said, ‘I’m not going to accept it,’ but I said, you know what, you’ll never see it again,” Sasake said.

Inoues letter said, “I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that we are happy to help you paint a mural for your personal honor and benefit.”

Inouez also said he had never seen a Japanese national flag in a public space before, and said it would help the Kokoros to understand what Japan has done in the past and the importance of Japanese history.

“It’s a very nice piece of artwork that we’ll appreciate in our lifetime,” Inouei said.

japanese mural

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