What’s the difference between murals and a tombstone?


This year, a team of archaeologists in France are making a major effort to uncover the secrets buried under a tomb, as part of a project that has brought them to the edge of the world’s largest marble tombs.

As part of the ongoing excavation, the team unearthed a 1,300-year-old marble tomb that once served as a churchyard and was used as a cemetery for the first two centuries of Christianity.

The tomb was unearthed in an area of the town of Toulouse-sur-Mer, France, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) southwest of Paris, the site of a former convent.

The researchers say that they hope that the tomb will shed light on the history of Christianity in the area.

“We’re hoping to learn more about how Christianity spread here,” said archaeologist Christophe Dubois of the Institut Française de Célèbre d’Archéologie in Toulous.

Dubois says that the team is also planning to excavate other tombs in the town.

“The site is the most important for us,” he said.

“It is the birthplace of Christianity, the place where the Saint Francis of Assisi is buried.”

The tomb dates back to the 11th century, when Saint Francis’ tomb was originally constructed and then used as the burial ground for his mother and sister.

During the 1160s, the church of St. Mary Magdalene was rebuilt in the nearby town of Seville.

The remains of the old convent have been uncovered, but they’ve been covered by graffiti and some have been stripped of paint and are covered by weeds.

The church of Saint Francis in the region of Seixes.

“I think we’ve already discovered the most interesting part of this project,” Dubois said.

In the tomb of the church, the archaeologists discovered a wooden cross with a cross motif that is dated to the 12th century.

The cross also had markings that were similar to those found in the tomb and suggest that the saint was buried in the same area as the monastery where the tomb was built.

The archaeologists say that the cross is one of the earliest examples of an altar that was used to worship a saint.

The team is hoping that they’ll be able to excavates other tomers in the neighborhood.

“As the area has been used for Christian purposes for so long, we believe that there are relics and items that are associated with the church and its founder,” Dubios said.

It’s not known what kind of items the tomb contains, but the team has already found a large amount of other artifacts that could help them determine where the saint lived.

Dubios says that this is just one of many excavations that they’re doing in the local area.

He says that they’ve found many tomers around the area, but he says that some of the more interesting finds are the ones found in abandoned buildings.

“This site is so close to a cathedral and that’s why the relics are there,” he added.

Dubissues team hopes that their work will lead to a better understanding of the area’s past.

“These tomers were probably used for religious rites,” he explained.

“Some of them are still in use today.”

In the future, Dubois hopes to continue to excavating more tomers.

“But the tomb itself is really a treasure trove for us, and it’s our aim to make a record of the history and the artifacts,” he continued.

“A record of what is buried here.”

mural thrombus

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