How a Mountain Garden mural in Washington DC transformed an abandoned house into a museum


Washington, DC – A mountain mural that has stood on a desolate stretch of Interstate 395 for more than a decade was transformed into a landmark at a time when the city was still recovering from the effects of the Superstorm Sandy.

In November, a mural by the National Park Service was unveiled in front of the building on I-395 just north of the White House, the site of the former U.S. Capitol, in a bid to revitalize the stretch of highway where a large mural depicting an Indian woman and a horse was destroyed in a storm.

The National Park service has been trying to restore the mural for nearly two decades, but a year ago, a contractor for the federal government was hired to make a large-scale mural that was almost twice the size of the original.

The work was done by artist Andrew Stadler, who has also worked on murals for the National Mall and the Capitol.

It was the first of a series of murals by the park service in Washington.

In April, Stadlers finished work on a mural of President Donald Trump that was placed outside the White, White House.

Trump has visited the site frequently and the new work was designed to highlight his administration’s efforts to repair the damaged section of the highway, which has a $3 billion price tag.

The mural, titled “Homecoming,” was designed by Stadlander, who is known for his other works including a mural that hangs in New York City’s Battery Park City and a mural on a wall in Mexico City’s Ciudad Juarez.

In Washington, the mural is part of the larger project of restoring the section of I-95 that had been torn down during the storm, which brought the highway to a standstill.

The work has been a big hit in Washington, D.C., where more than 5,000 people have signed up to be involved in the restoration effort.

The work has even drawn attention from politicians and the media.

The Washington Monument, the nation’s oldest structure, will be open in 2020 and the statue of Thomas Jefferson, who founded the nation, will not be there, but the rest of the National Monument will be protected as a national park.

On a recent trip to the White house, President Donald J. Trump said he is “really proud of this.”

“This was one of the most incredible, amazing things I’ve seen,” Trump said.

“The work on the National Wall in Washington is incredible.

And we’ve had great conversations about it and what we’re doing.

We’re going to keep working at it.”

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