How to decorate your home in a few simple steps


An Indian housewife is finding that decorating her home with the right works of art is not only a breeze but also a breeze to complete.

The housewife has come up with a unique way to decorating the living room and dining room, and she’s sharing it on Instagram with the tag #mybopstamp.

She has decorated her house with a beautiful portrait of herself, with the message “A few simple tweaks later I am happy with my home.


In the video, the housewife can be seen adding a few coats of paint, including a light grey to the walls.

Her house has a very nice, white and blue hue, and the house is a very clean and neat place to live.

The painting on the walls has been covered with black and white stickers.

The housewife, whose name is Arjun Kumar, says she has been decorating for almost 10 years now, and has only ever done a few small additions to her home, adding a new light to the living area, and decorating a wall with an old picture of her.

She also added some decorative murals to the wall.

Arjun has been working on his house for a couple of months now.

Arjun is currently living in his new home in Kochi.

He said the main challenge with decorating his home is finding the right colour.

The murals are made of paint that is very dark in colour.

Arvind said, the colours are also a challenge.

He used to paint murals in the morning and night, but now it is much more difficult to get them done.

Arun Kumar said he found it very difficult to find the right colours for his house.

Arun Kumar told The Times Of India that he has been adding new murals every month, but when he was in the hospital, he found he was unable to do any more.

He started painting the wall on a daily basis and he is happy with how it looks.

He said he does not have any major issues in decorating and it has been a pleasure to work on his home.

Arunek Kumar said, it is easy to get busy in the evening when he is out.

The decorating process is not difficult.

Aruna has painted murals at home and in the workplace.

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