‘We want to make sure that our streets are beautiful’: Bonampak mural mural project in Bangkok


Bonampaks are a popular muralist in Thailand.

They are made up of large white blocks and have been painted over to provide a vibrant look to the city.

The new mural on the banks of Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river in central Bangkok, is one of the largest ever done by the artist, who is based in Thailand and is a former student of his.

The project is about an artist named Thaisa who has been trying to make her art more than just a decoration for a room in her house.

“I wanted to create a mural with a big image of a beautiful woman.

I wanted to have a large painting of a woman that is in the water, standing on the river,” he said.

Thaisa was born in the country, and she is currently studying art in France.

She was inspired by the paintings of French artists.

“The idea of a painting with a woman standing on a river is so beautiful.

I’m very passionate about my art and my art has a very large and beautiful message,” she said.

Mr Thaisam said he decided to create the mural after seeing the Thai women in the street murals.

“My hope is that the woman standing at the water’s edge will have a very powerful message to convey,” he explained.

He said the artist also wanted to capture the feel of the Thai people.

“If the woman stands at the edge of the river and the people walking by can see her, that would be very powerful.”

The mural was painted over and painted in yellow to create an artificial flood, which he said was also a symbolic gesture of the project.

“It was really hard to make the mural but the artist did an amazing job,” he added.

The artist said he also had a very special message for the people of the world.

“He is a true artist.

He has such a strong belief in the truth,” he joked.

He hopes that his work will have an impact on people, especially young people who may have never seen a mural before.

“They may be young, and maybe they’re not aware of the importance of mural art,” he admitted.

“Hopefully, people will get the message of the mural and the message behind it.”

bonampak murals street murals

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