When we get our first real look at the upcoming art installation Angel Wings, here’s what we know about the project


A few weeks ago, we started hearing about a mural project that was being planned for a new office building in the neighborhood of Midtown.

We quickly learned that the building had a few things in common with many other large-scale murals that have been put up around New York City, including an enormous mural of the Statue of Liberty on the West Side Highway.

The work was being done by the artist Daniela Almeida, and she told us that she wanted to show how the world’s largest city has come to resemble a giant “angel wings” mural.

“I wanted to create a piece that represents a city that is not just a place, but an emblem for freedom and hope and equality and dignity,” she told Polygon.

“We want people to feel like they’re standing on the street with the Statue, walking in a space that has been reclaimed and reimagined to look like the city they are from the outside.

We want people of all different races and backgrounds to feel the same way.”

“I want people the world over to feel connected to the city I love, to see what it looks like from their perspective.”

She went on to say that the piece will depict the diversity of the city, and “in the process, we will explore the intersection of race, class, and gender.”

As for the artwork itself, it will be made of wood and acrylic, which she said “would be too heavy for our small space.”

“It’s been my hope that the work will be something that people can relate to, that they will see from their own perspectives,” she said.

“But I wanted it to feel that way, so that people feel a connection to it, even if they don’t understand what it means.”

“As someone who’s been living in New York for 20 years, I have no idea what I’m going to find in my apartment when I open it,” she added.

“It has no meaning, it doesn’t give meaning to anything.”

We talked with the artist, and we found out that the new project will be a bit more limited than the one that went up on the East Side.

The first mural is going to be an exterior, and will depict a cityscape mural of a city from a plane, which Almeida says will be the base for her work on the second floor.

It will be up to Almeidan to decide what parts of the building will get a bit of sunlight, which is going in a different direction.

It’ll be a big challenge for her to put up the work without having any sunlight in the building, so she’s asking her supporters to help her do that.

Almeidena has already created two smaller murals in the same building, which are now going up, and they’re both a bit smaller than the first one.

It’s possible that they could get painted back to their original size, but Almeidonas first mural has already been completed.

“The first one was just a bunch of random pieces,” she explained.

“Now I’m getting a lot of different ideas for how to paint it.”

“And the second one was a little bit different,” she continued.

“This one I think is more detailed, a bit like a painting, so I’m really happy with that.”

Almeido explained that she’s looking to get a lot more out of her work, and said she hopes to “give a glimpse” into the city that people have come to expect from New York.

“My work will reflect a different New York than we see,” she promised.

“And it will represent a new and unique New York.”

The project will begin with a series of small, white canvases, and eventually move into a larger, white canvas.

The mural is expected to be finished by the end of May, and Almeidas hopes that she can get her new mural up in time for the opening of the new office.

We asked Almeidi about the mural’s location, and if the artist had plans to move to another building, she explained that her work has always been a work of art.

“When I started this project, it was very much about me as an artist,” she wrote.

And it will reflect all of those elements, as well as the diversity within the city. “

So this project is a work about the city as a symbol, a symbol of hope, and a symbol for freedom.

I am very happy that this project will bring that image to life and represent all of the diverse people that live”

In New York, I feel like the Statue has always symbolized the city and the people, the diversity and the love that exists in it.

I am very happy that this project will bring that image to life and represent all of the diverse people that live

angel wings mural landscape mural

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