What a mural looks like: A look at a few of the most iconic pieces of art in Vancouver


A mural in downtown Vancouver is an integral part of the cityscape.

It’s the backdrop to many of Vancouver’s most iconic street art.

But a few days ago, artist and mural expert Matt Hildebrand created a stunning, hand-painted image of one of the murals.

Hildebrands mural, which was painted over the weekend, depicts a young girl, who looks exactly like the girl on the mural.

The artist says it’s the first time he’s painted over a child, and he hopes it’s an inspiration for other artists to paint as well.

“This is an opportunity for people to come up with their own images and get the chance to show their own creativity, to get the same attention,” said Hildebries.

“I think that the artwork is so important that we’re trying to use it to raise awareness for the child.

It really is a beautiful piece of art.”

Hildebyds work is a work in progress, he said, so he’ll update this article as more details become available.

Hildreberts artwork is part of an exhibition titled “A Conversation with the Girl in the Murals,” which is curated by Vancouver’s Arts Council of Canada.

The exhibition will run from February 10 to April 17 at the Vancity Theatre.

“There are a number of murals in Vancouver that are not very well known,” said Sarah Hildrer, senior curator at the arts council.

“But this one was very well-known and is a really good example of what we call the ‘hidden murals.'”

Hildr said the artist has also painted over other cityscapes and in other parts of Vancouver.

The murals are part of a growing movement to make murals more visible and more interactive.

“We’ve seen a shift in the way that artists have become more visible in Vancouver,” said Dr. Richard Dolan, professor of art history at the University of British Columbia.

“What we’re seeing is the recognition that we can paint on buildings.

That’s a really important development because the public doesn’t really care about murals, they care about street art.”

He said a lot of art has been made by artists who have gone out to the public in public spaces, but there’s been a shift towards public murals that are more of a showpiece.

Dolan said murals can serve a useful purpose for public art, especially when they’re a symbol of a community.

“They can be really interesting because they’re going to be in public view for the next few years, or they’re not,” he said.

“You can really bring attention to the city, and people will look at them and say, ‘This is beautiful.'”

mural definition

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