New York City’s Graffiti Murals: ‘You Can’t Just Walk Through’


New York, NY—January 10, 2019—With the recent announcement that the city of New York will be shutting down all of its street art, the murals are once again on display in the city.

The new graffiti mural program is in the works to continue to highlight the many ways graffiti can be used to express the city’s vibrant and diverse diversity.

A new website, The New York Urban Graffiti Project, is now open, where anyone can learn more about the mural program, its mission, and the muralist(s) who have been selected to paint murals.

The website, www., includes a variety of resources to help artists and graffiti enthusiasts alike.

One of the first pieces on the website is a list of ten artists, which includes two known artists from Brooklyn, along with two artists from Queens, and two artists who hail from the Bronx.

Among these artists are artists like Bizarro, Paddy Giz, and Paul Wert.

The list of artists also includes some notable names in graffiti history, including Frank Gehry, Márcio Siqueira, and Mario Vargas Llosa.

In addition to the artists listed, the website also includes a “list of the best” artists that have submitted artwork to the program, which has a goal of highlighting 10 new murals per year.

The mural program will be taking place from March 19 through April 9.

In 2017, the city shut down street art by banning the display of graffiti on public sidewalks, sidewalks and crosswalks.

Many artists have expressed their dismay at the decision, saying it was an attempt to suppress the art.

Many others have said the decision was a step backward in a city where graffiti has become a significant form of art.

“I have no idea why we were in this mess in the first place,” said Márquez, who was inspired to start graffiti by his experience growing up in New York.

“It’s so much easier to just walk through.

But I think it’s also so much more important that we can continue to do this.

There are a lot of other ways that graffiti can have a positive impact on society.”

New York’s street art will not be returning to the streets, as the city is also banning the use of street lights.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been working on a new law that would outlaw the use and sale of street lamps in the City of New New York from July 1, 2020.

The law would also ban street lamps from being placed on sidewalks, crosswalings, and in public spaces, and would also make the city a “no-lighting zone” for street art.

Streetscapes, a grassroots group working to protect and restore public spaces in New Zealand, has been actively lobbying for the legislation in New New Zealand to come to New York and the state of New Jersey to enact similar legislation.

“We’ve got a lot more to do,” said John Burt, co-founder of Streetscaping.

“But right now it’s about making sure that graffiti artists are not being silenced by the state.”

This is not the first time New York has banned graffiti in the past.

In 2014, New York passed a bill that banned the display and sale, sale, and transportation of graffiti in public.

As of March 31, 2020, there were no new bills on the books that would ban graffiti.

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