How to create a beautiful space mural with flowers


A new space mural has been created in San Francisco, and it’s inspired by the tragic events of the past few months.

As of this morning, the mural has already drawn the attention of a large number of people who’ve taken to social media to share their thoughts and memories about the mural.

According to the mural, it was created by the artist and artist of the photo, Maria Lupe.

It depicts a woman sitting on a chair, reading her book and looking out over the bay.

It’s reminiscent of a painting by artist Dora Mejia.

“Maria Lupe’s space mural is the perfect representation of the spirit of the people who gathered for a vigil in memory of those killed in the San Francisco shooting last night,” Mejias creator wrote on the mural’s Facebook page.

“Her words and pictures reflect the humanity, and strength, that made it possible for all of us to stand together and show our gratitude and love to one another.”

The original photo of the mural was posted by the San Franciscans for Community Unity Facebook page on Sunday, but it has since been removed from the page.

“Lupe’s words have brought tears to my eyes, but they are still there.

I am not able to forget them,” the original post reads.

“The words are like the hearts of the San Gabriel Valley, the heart of my soul.

They remind me that there is hope and that we are not alone.”

Lupe said she came up with the idea after hearing about the tragedy in the Bay Area, and was inspired to create the mural after hearing the story of a friend who was shot and killed in a nearby alley.

Lupe also shared that she hopes the mural will help people understand that the police are there for us, and not for us alone.

“I want to make it so people will feel safer and that they will not be afraid to come to the vigil, but also not be scared to speak up and say what they want to say,” Lupe said.

“I hope it will help bring some light into this tragedy, to make us all more aware and not only the police officers, but all of the citizens and the public that need to know that we will stand up for each other.”

The city of San Francisco released the following statement about the creation of the wall:”The City of San Jose is pleased to provide a memorial space for Maria Luce for her painting.

It is our understanding that Maria Luci is a strong, beautiful, compassionate, and inspiring artist who has touched the lives of countless people around the world.”

Luce said she decided to start the mural on the night after the vigil in San Bruno, and that she wanted to create something that would “bring hope and joy” to the community.

“The whole idea was to make a beautiful, peaceful space where people could be together and feel safe, but with some words,” Luce said.

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