Which mural is your favourite?


With a mural board of thousands of murals and thousands of pieces of artwork, Philadelphia’s murals are a delight for any painter, from the most talented young ones to the oldest, to the most experienced.

This is not a gallery of painted faces and their intricate creations.

It’s a place where you can get lost in the murals you love.

This week’s top 10 is by one of the city’s most celebrated muralsists, Phila Lee Thomas. 

The first muralist to win the Pulitzer Prize, Thomas grew up in the South of France in the early 20th century and went on to be an artist, designer, and lecturer in contemporary art.

He is best known for his iconic murals of the 1920s, with their vivid colours, blues, and greens, that are still iconic to the city. 

Thomas has created a wealth of murbs for the city, ranging from iconic street scenes to the less-than-impressive and lesser-known, and some of his most memorable works include the now-defunct mural of a black man being beaten by a white police officer, which was commissioned by the city to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the riots.

Thomas’ work is still on display, in various forms, in the City of Brotherly Love, the Philadelphia Art Museum, and the National Gallery of Art.

He also works on murals in museums, as well as in galleries and in private collections. 

Philadelphians can get behind the painting in a variety of ways, such as by taking part in a mural competition or paying for a free ticket to one of his murals. 

It’s also a great way to show off your own art.

 Thomas is often asked what the best advice he can give to new muralists is to “go slow”, which he has told me many times.

But he’s also told me to be patient, to “make it work”, and to “try not to be too much of a jerk”.

Thomas has a few tips to help you do just that, in this post.

He says to not get hung up on the art itself, and to try to “be a little bit creative”.

Also, he encourages people to try different techniques to make the muras work.

“If you paint over a street scene, it looks like a big painting,” he says.

You can also get creative with your painting and take on a project that involves painting with the city and the people you’re painting with. 

If you’ve been reading all the way to the end, this article should be more than enough to inspire you to get going and start painting!

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