Which Smash Ultimate mural is your favorite?


By now, most people have seen the Smash Ultimate Smash mural in San Francisco’s Mission Bay area.

It features Smash characters like Captain Falcon, Samus, Lucario, and more, but it also has a more “realistic” representation of the Smash franchise.

But that’s not the only Smash mural that’s making the rounds.

On Wednesday, the mural was featured in San Diego, where it also won an award for the best mural in the city.

“Mural of the Day” is being sponsored by the National Gallery of Art and will be on display for five days from July 8 to 11.

The mural was created by San Francisco-based artist and muralist Andrew Lee, who is also a muralist.

Lee has worked with many of the best artists around the world, including Banksy, who he also collaborated with on a mural of a man hanging out at a subway station.

Lee said he wanted to incorporate a more realistic version of Smash into the mural.

He’s also known for other murals in San Franciscos neighborhood of Nob Hill, like the one in the park in Oakland that won a Grand Prize award last year.

The new mural is part of the larger effort to create a larger mural of San Francisco.

Lee also created a mural on the Bay Bridge in the Mission Bay neighborhood of Redwood City, a mural that received national attention in 2013.

He was also featured in a mural at the site of the 2011 Super Bowl that received $1.6 million.

Lee was also part of a mural in a downtown area in Sacramento that featured Smash characters, including Samus and her new Smash Bros. character, Meta Knight.

Lee, whose work is known for incorporating pop culture, was also on the panel that selected a mural for the upcoming Art Museum exhibit.

“This mural was a perfect opportunity to get to know some of the artists working on the project,” said Lee.

“I was able to learn a lot from them, and I’m excited to work with them to create more Smash murals.”

The mural also received a special nod for a number of reasons.

It’s one of only three Smash muruses in the world that has received awards, according to Lee.

That means that other artists, like graffiti artist Ryan McDonough, who created a similar mural in Oakland, were not eligible for the prize.

Also, the National Art Museum won a similar award for a mural featuring Smash characters.

Lee is also known to create murals with celebrities, including singer Miley Cyrus and rapper Lil Wayne.

Lee plans to continue to work on more murals as his career progresses.

He said he hopes to work in more mediums in the future.

“The future of my career is in mural,” Lee said.

“It’s a medium that I’ve been working in since I was a kid, and now it’s finally ready to be explored by more people.”

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