How to paint Dolly Parton mural in your backyard


A painting of Dolly’s face and hands by American artist Dolly P. Parton hangs in the front yard of a house in northern Ireland.

Dolly and her husband George were born in Ireland and immigrated to the United States in 1926.

They were both famous for their love of art, and Parton was a painter, illustrator and musician who also worked as a teacher and poet.

In 2016, Parton donated her art to a museum in Boston and in 2019, her ashes were interred in an Irish churchyard.

She was also the first African American woman to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

She died in 2017, but part of her legacy lives on today.

The Irish Examiner newspaper reported that a group of local residents who have the opportunity to paint the mural with a drone will also have the chance to participate in a public art contest.

The mural is located near a playground and includes a few different pieces that are meant to reflect the two families that have lived there for many years.

The contest, titled “Mural of Daphne Parton and George P. and Dolly,” is slated to begin on September 15.

The first person to get a chance to paint a mural of Dophie Parton with drones in a house will be declared the winner, which will be announced on the night of September 15, according to the Irish Examiner.

This is the third year that Dolly is expected to be chosen for the contest.

In 2017, Dolly won the grand prize in the “Dolly” Contest, which was a large piece of art created by artist Andrew Gribbon.

Daphie Partons ashes are still on display in the churchyard of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Springfield, Missouri.

The artist who created this mural was an early supporter of President Donald Trump, and in 2017 he donated his art to the Smithsonian Institution, which hosts the national museum of the same name in Washington, D.C. The president signed a proclamation naming the church in Springfield as the new home of the National Daphnes Remembrance Museum, where Daphone Parton will be enshrined.

The new museum will be located in the same building where the Partons are buried.

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