I want to see your murals in the subway


A series of murals, created by the artist Daniel H. Zweibel, are making their way through the subway system in New York City.

They’re called The Subway Mural Project, and they depict people who work in the New York subway system, including the station attendants and maintenance workers, as well as other commuters.

These murals are part of an ongoing project to highlight the struggles and joys of everyday New Yorkers.

The subway mural project was born out of a yearlong residency in NYC, where the artist worked as a train operator, train repairman, and maintenance supervisor.

He created the first mural in 2013, which is on the side of a train station in Brooklyn.

Zweiibel said he originally wanted to create a mural of an elderly man, but the station attendant he works for was in a wheelchair and couldn’t get the train to stop for her.

“When she was stuck in a traffic jam and was unable to get off the train, I wanted to do a mural depicting the person with disabilities,” he said.

“It took me years to realize that this was something I could do with the subway station.”

The mural project is one of a handful of projects Zweiidel has worked on throughout the last year.

He said he was inspired to create these murals when he watched people get injured and killed in the line of duty while on the job.

He began to think about the people who are actually suffering and the toll they are taking on the subway, and how it can affect people.

Zwerin said the idea for The Subway mural project came after he watched a young woman being injured and dying in a subway station while on a train.

The young woman was trying to get out of the station when the train passed by.

When the train came, the man with her was trying desperately to get up.

“He was just trying to keep her alive, so that she could get back to her family,” Zweri said.

Zwirin told HuffPost that the young woman’s death is “unforgivable.”

“I thought of her and how she was trying so hard to get to her loved ones, and she was doing everything she could to try to make it through the emergency,” he explained.

The woman’s body was discovered on the tracks a short time later, along with a handwritten note saying she had tried to get a train out of there before she died.

“I think she knew she was going to die,” Zwirmi said of the young lady’s death.

“Her words, ‘I’ll be okay, I’ll be OK,’ that was the message that I was trying my hardest to send.”

Zweril said he believes that his work, along w ithe other projects he has undertaken, are “a testament to the power of words and art.”

Zwirel said that his goal is to “make a statement to the city and the country that we are capable of creating meaningful art and change.”

He said that, as an artist, he strives to make people feel “a little bit more safe and empowered.”

Zweilbe says that he is also inspired by his mother who passed away from lung cancer in the early 1980s.

“She passed away because of the cancer,” he recalled.

“And she was so proud of me that I went through everything to achieve the dream of making something.”

Zweiilbel said he has received numerous requests for his work from people across the country.

“They want to show me their artwork,” he told HuffPost.

“That’s something that we try to do with everything that we do, and that’s why I have so much love for people, because it’s something to show them that there is life outside of this world.”

Zwanges project has garnered praise and praise from his friends and family.

He told HuffPost he has been contacted by people who say, “I want to give you the gift of your life.”

Zwatifl is hoping to get more people involved in the project, and to encourage people to share their art and experiences with the world.

He wants to show that the subway can be a platform for positive change.

“We are trying to make a positive impact on our communities,” Zwangil said.

He added that he has also received support from a number of organizations.

“A lot of people have been so supportive, so they can be like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to do this too,'” he said of his work.

“My biggest concern is that I think the subway is the biggest thing that can go wrong.

It can be dangerous and unsafe.

We are not talking about a simple accident, or something like a fire.

We’re talking about someone going off the tracks, someone being injured, or someone dying.

It’s not something that should happen.

And I think we need to be mindful of that.”

For more information on The Subway Project, you can visit their website.

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