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An Atlanta mural has gone viral, but the story of the mural is more complicated than that.

The mural in question was painted over in September 2015, and it has been a major success story in the city.

It is part of a campaign called “The Atlanta Medical Museum,” which is dedicated to documenting the work of medical professionals in the Atlanta metro area.

The artwork has been on display in Atlanta since 2009, and has been featured in the following major museums:The mural, which was painted on the corner of North Boulevard and University Avenue, depicts a patient being treated by Dr. Daniel DeLong.

The painting was part of the project to promote the city’s medical community.

“This mural is a wonderful opportunity for us to engage with the medical community and showcase the talents of our community,” said Dr. John Davis, a member of the Atlanta Medical Association and president of the museum.

The hospital had a mural of the same name painted in the 1970s and 1980s.

It was removed in the early 2000s and replaced with a different mural, this time depicting a woman being taken to the hospital.

“The goal of the Medical Museum is to bring awareness to the work being done in the hospital, to give back to our community, and to provide a platform for medical professionals to connect with the community,” Dr. Davis said.

The patient in the new mural is seen on a stretcher, with a doctor holding her hand.

“She’s in a coma, and she’s been waiting for treatment,” Davis said of the patient.

“I hope that this is a catalyst for people to say to each other, ‘Hey, this is happening.'”

The hospital is a popular tourist destination in Atlanta, and is frequently featured in movies, TV shows and books.

The mural is an addition to that, Davis said, and the patient is in a good place.

“I’m just grateful that she’s in the right place,” Davis added.

“We are just doing this for the benefit of the entire community and all the medical professionals that come here to visit.

It’s just an incredible moment.”

Dr. Robert J. McDaniel, a professor of dermatology and an associate professor at the University of Georgia School of Medicine, said the patient and her father are not patients in need of medical attention.

McDavis said the painting provides a unique perspective for the artist to convey the importance of the art in the local community.

The artist, known as DMC, told ABC News affiliate WSB that he wanted to share his love of art with the public and his work as a mural artist.

“This is what I love to do, it’s the art of making things,” DMC said.

What you see here is the best way that you can express your love and appreciation for the art,” he said. “

What this mural is about is showing that people don’t need a hospital, they don’t have to wait for a doctor to come and see them.”

What you see here is the best way that you can express your love and appreciation for the art,” he said.

The painting, he added, is a way to share the love and gratitude of art and people with the local population.DMC said he was inspired to paint the mural because of the medical profession.”

I was interested in being an artist, and I was always going to get my hands dirty in art.””

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor.

I was interested in being an artist, and I was always going to get my hands dirty in art.”

He said that he hopes the mural can be seen by people who do not know the medical art and who are not familiar with the work.

“It’s a really powerful moment in our city.

This mural is just the beginning,” DMA said.

In a statement, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said he hopes that the mural will spark conversation and help people learn about health care.

“To share our healing power with all of our people is a great opportunity for people, especially the young people who are struggling with mental health issues and addiction issues, to find some peace in their lives,” Reed said.

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