Trump ‘baffled’ by dolly mural at State Dept. HQ


The president of the United States baulked at a mural by his former White House photographer, a mural that is one of several being displayed in his offices at the Department of State, where he is trying to sell off the agency.

Trump tweeted that he “stunned” by the portrait of his former boss, Bill Clinton, by photographer Tom Fitton, adding: “Why should I pay a premium for it?”

The painting depicts Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton, kissing and looking at each other.

“It was not an easy painting,” Trump wrote in a tweet.

“Bill was a big lover of his family, and his life, and he has no regrets about it.

He just loves his family.”

Fitton told The Associated Press he was disappointed by the president’s reaction to the painting.

“We thought it was an important portrait, and it is an important piece of art,” Fitton said.

The former president said in an interview with ABC News that he would have liked to have had a better picture of the former president and Clinton together.

“I think he’s an interesting person, I think he has great ideas, and I think it’s interesting to look at,” he said.

“He’s very interesting.

He’s very talented.

And I wish we had more photos of him and his family together.

It’s nice to see his family.

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a White House event marking National Military Service Day, March 15, 2021, at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, DC.

Trump said he was stunned by the painting, saying he was “stUNned” at the portrait by former White Rep. Tom Filippo.

Filippi, a former State Department photographer who was in charge of the Clinton White House for more than four years, created the mural on a private wall in his office in January.

Trump has long been outspoken in his dislike of Filippos work, calling him “one of the most dishonest people in the country” in 2015.

Trump recently tweeted that Filipps portrait “was a great picture,” adding: I am very proud of the portrait, but it was not very good.

He also said Filippes work “did not reflect what I thought about him.”

Filippios work on the portrait has been criticized by some for being too close to Trump.

The artist has called for an apology, and said in a recent interview that the painting will be taken down.

The painting was put up on the wall on the White House grounds in April, and Filippinos wife, Marjorie Filippino, said in March that she plans to return to the agency after her husband’s death.

dolly parton mural

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