How to Paint the Streets of the World


From the streets of Los Angeles to the oceans, artists, public artists and architects are using the same technique to create beautiful and unique pieces of art and architecture.

The murals at LAX were created by two Los Angeles muralists who said they hope they can inspire a new generation of artists and architecture lovers to paint their own murals.

The artists, the LA Metro Public Art Group and L.A. Public Art Project, said they decided to use their skills to paint the iconic LAX tunnel in the hope that their art will help inspire people to start their own art’s Mike Groll said it was easy to see why people love murals, especially if they’re from different parts of the world.

“I think that’s something we’ve been trying to encourage with murals for decades,” Groll told NBC News.

“The murals have been a very effective way for the public to see the world through their eyes, and so when we started painting the LAX mural, we felt like it was a natural way to make people aware of a global phenomenon that has been happening for decades.”

The mural was created by Michael Sowinski and Chris Sowinsky, two Los Angelenos who have been working in the public art scene for a long time.

They were inspired by their own love of painting murals in Europe and the United States.

They wanted to make murals that were inspired and reflected their own cultures, and the LA Underground tunnel was their perfect location.

“We’ve been doing murals here for 20 years,” Sowinksy said.

“We wanted to paint something that was different and unique, that was not just something that had been done before.

So the LA subway is kind of the gateway to the subway system in Los Angeles.”

The two LA Metro muralists, who have two sons and a daughter, had their inspiration from Europe and their love of architecture and urban design, Groll reported.

“What I find interesting about this project is that it’s really not the subway itself, it’s a little bit more of the underground,” Sowerinski said.

“So, for the LA metro, we were trying to get the public imagination of people to think about how it’s connected to the underground.

That’s what we were thinking of when we came up with the subway.”

They came up w/ the subway to see what people were thinking.

We wanted to see how people thought about it.

We tried to do a subway that was very interesting, that’s a different kind of art form that was more about exploring a city and the public space.

“They created the mural using traditional paint and spray paint.

It took about three hours to complete the project, which was done over about six weeks.

The work was commissioned by a group of artists who were working in public art and wanted to share their passion with the public.”

This project is about creating something that is going to inspire people and to inspire the art community, but it’s also about making a statement about what is possible,” Sowerski said.

The mural is the second one painted by the duo.

The first was completed in 2015.

mural heroes outdoor murals

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