Ocean wall mural from the late 1950s, painted by artist Michael O’Malley in the South Bronx


The late 1950’s were a time when artists, and not just art lovers, were able to enjoy murals in New York City.

Nowadays, we are in a new era where artists are able to take pictures of the city without needing to be in a gallery.

A new exhibition of murals from the 1940s, “The City of Colors,” is currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art’s National Portrait Gallery in New Orleans.

The mural “The New World” by Michael Ollman, painted in 1941, is one of three murals created for the opening of the Manhattan Transit Authority.

Ollmarchill painted the mural with a black and white image that depicts a New York city skyline.

Michael Ollmann, who died in 2012, painted the “New World” mural in 1941 in the basement of the Transit Authority building on the corner of Broadway and Madison streets.

Ollmarr is best known for his work in the art department at the New York Academy of Art, which he left in 1947 after nearly four decades with the New Yorker Art Museum.

O’Mahony, the curator, says that the murals reflect Ollmontans sense of place.

“The New Worlds mural is a reference to the fact that we were not just a group of artists living in New Yorks beautiful city.

We were a group that were drawn together in an effort to create something that would reflect the beauty of the world,” Ollment said.

“The city of colors was a very important part of the story and the story of our city.”

The mural was created with black-and-white, watercolor, and inlaid copper wire, and was on view until April of 2019.

The mural was painted by Ollmaarchill in 1941 and the work was later sold to the museum for $3.1 million.

In 2012, Ollmandy was nominated for the National Portraits Collection, an annual honor bestowed upon the best of the best art, which also includes artists like Norman Foster, William Morris, John Coltrane, and David Hockney.

During the show, the murls were part of a special exhibit of muraux created by the Museum in collaboration with New York Magazine photographer John Fowles.

One of the muralls from “The Man Who Sold the World” is a portrait of President Harry Truman, painted during the Truman administration.

Ollimans painting was commissioned by Truman.

The “Man Who Sold The World” was originally commissioned by the New Jersey State Art Museum and then returned to Ollmans studio after it was purchased by the museum.

OLLMARCHILL, Michael O.M., et al. “Man who sold the world.”

New York Museum of Art.

NY: Museum of Contemporary Art, 2015.


ocean wall mural school murals

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