When we don’t have time for our jobs, we take the time to create new artworks that speak to our humanity


The Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and CBC News are all in the process of publishing new art and videos to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

But one piece of Canadian art that’s not getting the attention it deserves is the iconic Mountain Mural.

It’s an icon that has stood on the corner of Bloor and Yonge Streets for more than 100 years.

In 1916, the artist Louis-Philippe Cérémonte drew the iconic mural on a wall of the newly-opened York Hall.

But the mural was taken down by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1927, and only the Toronto Art Gallery, which still displays it, has its copy.

The mountain mural was painted in the early 1960s by Montreal artist Louis Céremonte.

(Canadian Archives)Today, it’s located on a sidewalk at Bloor Street West and Youp Street.

The artwork is an amalgamation of the four panels of Céraux’s original mural, which were painted on a brick wall in 1911.

But it’s now an official National Historic Site, and a national monument to the people who have died on the site since it was constructed in 1912.

The Mounties’ decision to remove it is a controversial one, as it was part of a larger effort to clear out the area for a new highway.

Céreamonte also created the mural in 1911, and it was eventually taken down.

Today, it sits in a corner of the city’s Bloor-Yonge Street neighbourhood.

In the years since, Céresons original mural has been restored to its original location, and the Mounties have not taken it down.

However, the mural is currently being moved to a site in Montreal, and Céreauons original artwork will be permanently lost.

Now, the Mountie’s move has sparked a campaign to restore the mural.

A petition has been launched on Change.org to raise $10,000 to make sure it can be moved to the site of Blossoms Point, which is located on Bloor West between Yonge and Bathurst Streets.

“We are working to bring the mural back to its rightful location in a permanent location that will honor the memory of the hundreds of people who died on Blossoming Point during World War I,” said Marc-André Chabot, one of the organizers of the petition.

“This memorial will be the centrepiece of the Blossomings new park.”

In response to the petition, CMC spokesperson Ian Lafrenière told the Toronto Sun that the decision to take the mural down is “not based on any scientific research, nor is it based on historical data.”

However, there is a lot of scientific evidence that shows that Blossomes Point is a place where a lot more people have died in Canada’s First World War than in any other place on Earth.

“The only way we’re going to be able to move it is if we get the public’s support and if people are willing to donate,” he said.

The petition has received more than 4,600 signatures, and has been met with a strong reaction from the local community.

“It’s just sad to see something like this disappearing,” said resident Jean-Michel Leger, who is also the chair of the community group of the Mounted Rifles, and is a supporter of the campaign.

“It’s not just about money; it’s about the community’s feelings and needs.”

The Mountain Mourinhoural is a rare example of the many, many works of art that have been lost in Canada during the Second World War.

Its location on the edge of Toronto’s downtown and its proximity to a memorial to soldiers from the Second Battle of Ypres has made it an important part of the neighbourhood’s history.

However, the Mountain Mournaural was taken by the Mounts to Blossome Point in 1929, when the Royal Army was building a new military installation on Blaweston Road.

After it was completed, it was used for military training, but the Mounti’s decision to destroy it and then sell it to a private buyer has created the mountain mural in its current location.

According to Céroumonte, the artwork was stolen in a burglary in 1929.

He claimed the artwork had been stolen by members of the Royal Artillery who wanted to destroy the artwork.

The mural is now housed in the museum of architecture at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

According to the Mounting Royal Artilleries Heritage Group, the painting was destroyed in a raid in 1929 on the museum.

In addition, the sculpture was also destroyed during the First World Wars in an airstrike by the British Army in 1917, which killed more than 700 people.

“These paintings have always been there and always will be,” said Céremonde, who has been collecting and restoring the artwork for years.

“We are trying to get this mountain mural

mountain mural

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