Why is a wall mural on the back of a dinosaur mural being torn down?


We all love dinosaurs, and the popular imagination has always loved them.

But now, a newly uncovered wall mural is taking the dinosaur mural off the backs of more than 30 museums around the world.

The “Dinosaur Wall” was found on the backs, walls, and ceilings of over 100 museums around Australia.

It is a mosaic of six-feet tall, 20-foot wide, and 7-feet high murals created by Australian artist John Cusack, who first documented the ancient dinosaur species in the 1990s.

The murals are a reminder of the life of dinosaurs, as well as the importance of preserving them.

But this time around, the murals were being torn up.

The artist’s name is John Cussack, and he has a history of putting up murals in front of dinosaur museums around Brisbane, Victoria, and other parts of Australia.

But this time, Cusak had an entirely different idea in mind.

“I’m not trying to replace dinosaur paintings with something else, because they are fantastic,” Cusacks father, John Cottesmith, told ABC News.

“But I want to show the history of the animal, and its evolution.”

John Cussacks dinosaur mural was torn down after its conservation efforts were called into questionIn October 2017, the City of Brisbane and Queensland Museum of Art announced they would be removing the murils, which were painted on a wall at the Brisbane Museum of Science.

The city, and Cottets art, was attacked by a local conservation group, who called for them to be torn down.

“They’re trying to take the paintings and destroy them,” a spokesperson for the Queensland Museum told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“The city’s planning department has been consulted and the Brisbane City Council has been informed.”

John’s dad, John, told us that John Cuskack didn’t just paint a mural.

He actually painted the wall in front the museum, as a way of telling people about the life and death of the creatures.

“It’s been the subject of a lot of controversy and I think people have an appreciation for it,” John said.

“I think people know it as the last great monument to the dinosaurs and to the natural world and I want people to have that.”

The artist’s father believes the murrays were not only appreciated by people in the city, but by visitors to the Brisbane museum.

“People come in and take pictures of the wall and they go home with a smile on their face,” he said.

The City of Queensland Museum, however, said it had not heard any complaints from museum visitors.

“We do not have any complaints about John Cuseks dinosaur mural.

There is no need to take this down,” a statement from the museum read.

But John Cuzzes dad is worried that some museums might not know that it is his art, or the mural that was torn up, that has been torn down from their walls.

“The museum is in an area that has not been protected, so they’ve just taken it and demolished it,” he told ABC Brisbane.

“When you’re tearing it down and you’re saying, ‘We love this painting,’ and it’s just not good enough, it just kills you.”

John Cusks paintings are in the best condition, and there are so many people who are loving them.

It’s really important that they’re preserved.

“John said he was going to donate the mural to a museum in the hopes that it could be preserved for future generations.

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