How to decorate your new playoff mural


The Stanley Cup Final is in full swing.

You can’t get too excited just yet, but it’s going to be worth it.

Here are 10 simple ideas for the Stanley Cup mural that you should paint your walls.


Wall murals with a backdrop to highlight the Stanley’s iconic colours The most iconic Stanley Cup banner has always been the one with the gold and white stripes, but that could be an easy way to highlight an event with your own colour.

Here’s a simple idea for a Stanley Cup wall mural featuring a gold and black backdrop: The gold and red banner is a favourite of many NHL fans and it could be used as a backdrop for a few other iconic Stanley banners too.


A Stanley Cup theme mural with a Stanley’s face A Stanley Cup themed mural would be an awesome addition to your wall.

This would be great if you were looking to showcase your Stanley Cup colours and your Stanley’s name.

A great way to showcase Stanley Cup colour and name would be to use the Stanley in the middle of the banner.


A wall mural with Stanley Cup logos A Stanley’s logo is often the focal point of a wall mural.

Stanley Cups logo is usually in the centre of the background or the bottom of the mural.

Here’s a Stanley logo mural with an even more memorable Stanley’s image: 4.

A banner of the Stanley with the word ‘Stanley’ emblazoned in it The Stanley Cup logo is a powerful symbol and often used to highlight a major event, as in the example below.

The Stanley’s team colours would be a perfect complement to the logo.


A mural featuring the Stanley logo on the wall It’s hard to imagine a more iconic piece of Stanley Cup history than the iconic Stanley logo that has been around for so long.

It would be incredibly interesting to use a Stanley cup logo and a Stanley to represent the history of hockey.

Stanley Cup, a Stanley, and a logo is all you need to celebrate a Stanley in your wall, or a logo on your wall with your Stanley cup.


A hockey theme mural featuring NHL players’ names and logos It’s no secret that Stanley Cup is the most popular sports trophy in North America.

For a Stanley Stanley Cup team logo mural, the Stanley is probably the most appropriate choice.

You could also use an NHL player’s name or logo if you want a Stanley on your walls or in your home.


A logo on a Stanley with a quote from a Stanley If you’ve never seen the Stanley cup, you probably don’t understand how it’s so iconic.

When a Stanley is worn by a hockey player, they often use the words ‘Stan’ and ‘Cup’ to denote their team.

There are also some very cool Stanley Cup quotes on walls.

That’s not all there is to this wall.


A sign on a wall with a message about the Stanley A simple Stanley Cup sign is great to display in your house or a wall decoration.

I like to put up signs for a lot of things, including the Stanley.

Signs that say, ‘Hey Stanley, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been living in your place for almost five years and it’s a real treat,’ are an amazing way to show off your Stanley Cups status.


A signature on a poster with a hockey number When you get to the Stanley, you have a Stanley and a number.

This could be a simple poster to use to showcase the Stanley or you could create a Stanley sign with a unique hockey number.

A number with the number ’14’ or ’14-0′ is a very cool and memorable number. 


A simple Stanley cup sign that reads ‘Here Comes The Stanley’ When it comes to decorating your home, you want to have your Stanley as a focal point.

To do this, it’s important to have a simple Stanley.

It’s easy to put a simple sign on your house that says ‘Here Come The Stanley’.

This simple sign could be anywhere on your home: on your door, in your garage, or even on the outside of your house.

floral wall mural

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