The ‘angel wings’ mural on the wall of the ‘bizarre’ home that inspired a famous book


Posted November 21, 2018 06:08:25 The bizarre house in Brisbane’s west is being rebranded as an ‘angel wing’ mural.

The home, which sits in the Brisbane suburb of Shireport, has attracted a number of media attention in recent years and featured in the cult book ‘The Angel Wings’ by author Peter Shirepool.

The book is set in a fictional city called New York and revolves around an ordinary family who move to the US to study for a master’s degree.

The couple’s home has a number different bedrooms, and has been home to two children, ages five and eight, as well as a pet dog.

The house was painted over and redecorated by a local artist who took on the task after seeing a painting of the house in the local newspaper.

Mr Shire said he painted the mural in the hope it would bring awareness to the “devastating effects” of the pandemic.

“This is an example of the kind of art that I’m so passionate about,” he said.

“I have this obsession with art.

It’s something that I think is an integral part of the human condition.”

He said he thought the mural had “gone completely viral” and that people would be interested in the story of the family moving to the city to study.

“It’s a very personal story.

My parents were very happy.

They were living there for 10 years,” Mr Shire told ABC Brisbane.”

They were very close to each other.”

The whole family is there, so it’s quite touching.

“He also hopes people would look at the story from a different angle, as he said he was “surprised” by the reaction to the mural.”

People will find that they like it,” he added.”

If you look at a picture of my family, they are very happy to be here.

“But people will say it’s too dark and they will say, ‘Oh, I can’t stand the light’ or they will look at something else.”

So the more you get out there, you’ll realise how much is going on.

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