C-USA mural movement: How the Chicano mural revolution started and won’t end



We are all Chicano!

That’s the message from the nation’s largest mural movement that began on June 1, 1970, with the installation of a mural in San Francisco’s City Hall.

That same year, Chicano activists launched the Coloradans for Chicano Freedom movement, which sought to reclaim the city’s Mexican-American population.

That movement gained national prominence when activists were jailed and held for six weeks in 1965 after trying to hold a march on San Francisco City Hall protesting the city government’s exclusion of Chicano residents.

Today, nearly 20 years later, Chicana-Americans and other immigrant groups are making history by becoming one of the first groups to create an urban mural movement and a powerful voice in public debate.

And that’s a big deal for an emerging, diverse group of people who have struggled to feel included in the U.S. public space.

As the National Park Service (NPS) and the U-M’s Museum of Art (MA) commemorate the mural movement’s 100th anniversary, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the history of the movement and the reasons it continues to be so important.

In honor of the muralists, we asked a group of experts on the movement’s history to offer their thoughts on what it means for Chicans to be visible, and how it’s changed our country and our country’s future.


How did the Chicanos become the first Latino-American group to form an urban murals movement?

In 1960, the Chicanes, an immigrant community of about 1,500, started the first Chicano-inspired mural in the United States, in the historic city of San Francisco.

In 1970, the first group of Chicanos to use a mural as a statement of intent to create a mural outside City Hall was a group called the Colorados for Chicanos Freedom.

The Colorados were led by a young Latino man named Luis Gonzalez.

The first mural, called The Dreamer, featured the silhouette of a Latino woman and a portrait of a young black woman.

The group was formed in 1970 by a group that included a young Hispanic man named Miguel Gomez and a young Mexican-Canadian woman named Rosie Cervantes.

They began with a simple idea: they would create a small, one-foot-by-one-foot mural in a building in San Fernando Valley, which they dubbed The Dream.

They wanted to make a statement about what they felt was wrong with the way the city was building.

At first, they only painted the top portion of the building, which featured a large mural of a Mexican-looking man.

But in the 1970s, the city started moving away from a strict mural policy, which limited what they could paint on the wall.

They started to use more colorful murals in the city, but they were also forced to do so by the city.

When they moved out of the apartment complex in San Jose, they decided to change the mural to reflect the Latino community and its needs.

The mural became known as the Dreamer mural.

The new mural was named after the new Mexican-owned property in San Ramon where the mural was located.

As time went on, the new mural became more colorful and the message became more positive.

It started with a woman standing on the top of a building, wearing a long black skirt and long sleeves.

The message was that the government was not taking the right care of the Latino people.

As they got older, they realized that the mural needed to change.

The next year, the mural changed to include a woman on the other side of the wall, and in 1972, it became the first mural to be a mural for both genders.

It was in San Mateo, California, that the Chicos first used the power of their own community to create their first public mural.

They created the mural called “The Dream” in 1972.

The Chicanos have also created numerous murals throughout California, most notably in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but their newest mural in Los Angles is the largest mural of all.

This is the mural that was painted on the roof of City Hall, which was the first time a mural was ever installed outside the building.

The City Council agreed to paint the mural in recognition of the people who worked in the building and in memory of the immigrants who had lived in San Diego.

They were called the City of Angels and the mural became a symbol of hope, empowerment and pride.

The story of the Chicados and their mural in City Hall is told in a recent book, La Hora, which focuses on the history and legacy of the Mexican American movement.


What is the legacy of The Dream?

The mural, known as La Hura, is an important piece of Chicana history that is now protected under the National Historic Landmark Act.

This Act was created to preserve historic

chicano mural movement colorado airport mural

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