A fence mural idea that’s got you worried


The internet is obsessed with walls and fences.

It’s easy to see why: the walls and borders of many of our digital worlds can be the most frustrating and isolating parts of our lives.

But sometimes, a mural is the solution.

The work above is one of those works, which was created by photographer Paul Leung in a collaboration with the Hong Kong-based artist and educator Kai Lee.

In this case, Leung and Lee both wanted to create a mural that was meant to symbolize the intersection of technology and culture.

Leung said that he came up with the idea after seeing a wall mural that used the words “I love you” on a wall in the city of Taipei.

“I thought ‘that would be a really interesting way to represent technology and love and love-making,'” he told me.

“The words in ‘I love’ would really resonate with people, but they’re also kind of meaningless.

That’s how I came up the idea of using ‘love’ as a symbol.”

When I asked Leung how he came to decide to make the work, he explained that his fascination with the use of technology in art stems from his childhood.

“There’s a scene in my book where I’m telling my dad about how my father used to watch movies on TV,” he said.

“He would go over to his bedroom and he’d look at the TV and say ‘you know what?

That’s my favorite movie.

I want to watch it every night.’

I always felt that way about my father.”

He also saw an opportunity to share his family’s fascination with technology and technology-related art with the public.

“When I saw this wall mural, I thought ‘this is really interesting.

I should try it myself.'”

In order to create the mural, Leukas team drew on different aspects of Taiwanese culture.

He explained that the image of the young man was drawn on a metal fence, and that the background of the image was painted with a special type of cement, which he said made it look “a bit more like a wall.”

The mural was created using two layers of white paint and was done in a process of gluing the two layers together using a piece of metal.

“We wanted the background to be so clear that people could see it,” he explained.

The other part of the mural was done by using acrylic paint.

“It’s very easy to get a little bit of paint on it,” Leung added.

“This was the first time that we did this.”

“I used to work in paint,” he continued.

“That was my whole life.

I used to get very excited when I saw something new.

I was like ‘I want to paint my walls.’

But I didn’t think I could do it.”

After doing some research online, Leup was able to find a professional that had done the work for him.

“You know what I really like about this mural?” he said, laughing.

“To make it a little more personal and meaningful.”

The work is also a reminder of a larger conversation about technology in our lives that has been ongoing for years.

“A lot of people think about technology as a tool to help them to solve problems or help solve problems for people,” Leup said.

“[But] there’s also this idea that technology is inherently harmful.

So I think that this kind of work helps to make a bigger connection with people to understand that it’s not inherently bad.”

The art was originally exhibited at a conference called Future of Art, which is an international conference dedicated to art and design in the digital age.

But Leung says that the conference is more than just an event, and he’s hoping that it can help to inspire and inspire people in the future.

“For us, this is a reflection on how technology affects us.

For example, in a recent conversation, I mentioned that I’ve always wanted to make something out of metal,” he told us.

“And I mentioned it because I felt that there was something very empowering about this kind and this kind-of metal.

So we thought ‘what if we could make a metal mural that had a message?’

That’s why we made this wall.”

I hope that people who read this article, see it, and take it seriously will take the time to think about their own digital lives and find the art they want to make, and I hope they will be inspired by the work.

If you’d like to read more about Leung’s project, I wrote a feature on it here.

If the mural is anything to go by, it’s pretty cool.

I also recommend checking out the work below.

fence mural ideas

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