What You Need to Know About Fort Worth’s New Belgian Mural Article Fort Worth, Texas — Fort Worth, which is home to some of the world’s best museums and other attractions, is set to host the second installment of a two-year mural competition, a new beer and mural-themed restaurant, and a new mural brewery. The first edition of the Belgian MURAL competition, which opened in October, attracted 1,600 entries, according to the Fort Worth Business Journal.The Fort Worth Beer & Brewing Company is sponsoring the second edition of a Belgian mural competition and is also planning a new brewery, Fort Worth Brewery, the magazine reported. The brewery will be called Fort Worth Brewing Co., the

said.Fort Worth will host the competition in 2019, and the brewery is expected to open in 2021, according the magazine.The new brewery will produce “local beers and specialty brews,” the article says.The magazine did not name the brewery or the brewery’s brand, but said it will have an extensive lineup of beer and specialty beers.Fort